Working Visas in Greece

Working Visas in Europe

Each week we will talk about a different European country and the conditions to work there. This week jumping into the land of Gyros, Honey and Alpha: Greece.

As it stands, if you wish to work in Greece you will have to obtain an offer of employment beforehand, then apply to work to the Greek embassy in your country of origin, (for most of you this will be the UK).
The specific things you will need to provide as a seasonal worker are as follows:

  • A € 150 fee for each person to be employed (some employers may cover this);
  • A declaration for the employment of the persons invited (this is a pre offer of work);
  • Two copies of the employment contract signed and approved by the Labour Inspectorate mentioning the nature and duration of employment and the remuneration of the employee which cannot be lower than the minimum remuneration for unskilled workers; (The Greeks don’t want anyone getting paid less than they should)
  • A declaration that housing will be offered to the employees invited; and social security deposit equal to two month contribution. (They also don’t want people coming over and having nowhere to live)

The only thing that stands in the way of you gaining employment in Greece is high rates of local unemployment. If there’s lots of local workers desperate for jobs, the Greek government are at liberty to limit work available to non-EU citizens. This sort of decision will just be made and will be out of employer’s hands.

Overall, it looks like the chances of it being difficult to work in Greece are slim and with all being well and good, Summer 21 will involve lots of tsatziki and ouzo.

Speculation and Rumours

Greece relies heavily on tourists from the UK visiting for their economy, and there are rumours that there will be a deal allowing the free trade and flow of people between Greece and the UK. But remember this is wild speculation and rumour section.

Anyone with any thoughts or questions please feel free to get in touch and like I said if you know anyone who could benefit from this info please tell them to sign up.

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