Working in Croatia Post Brexit

The process for getting work in Croatia seems simple enough. It works similarly to France and Greece, but not exactly the same.
It works on a quota system, applicants will get a work permit only if the country is below its quota — even if the individual fulfills all the criteria. Occasionally, the country offers permits to applicants even after reaching the limit. However, the applicant must provide more details or explain their suitability for a role and why it cannot be filled locally.

You will need:

A copy of your passport

A passport-size photo

Proof of your ability to support yourself while in Croatia

Evidence of health insurance

An employment contract

Proof of academic qualifications and skills

Evidence of your employing company’s registration


Some things to take note off; you can be in Croatia when you apply for you work permit. So if you are in situ you apply to the embasy closest to your place of residence and they will take your money 870Kuna/ £100 and then deliver your permit if approved to the nearest police station.

If you are in the UK you just apply to the embassy or consulate in London.

The process normally takes 21 days.

Weekly wild speculation. 

The quota system is unspecified and can be overturned for specific roles and reason down to local authority, this gives me a warm feeling in me jellies.



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