Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Have you ever been part of a team that just gets it done? That restaurant team that can close down in record time; the Nanny Team that you know if you work with them you will have the most fun and the happiest children, equaling mega scores and tips.

If you have been in a team like this; any job, any department, then let us know and we will tell your story.

I knew such a team – it was a chalet team for the ages. We shall call them One and Two.

They weren’t a couple, they didn’t have a huge amount in common. But they were friends and they both had one common goal: provide the chalet guests with the best and most efficient holiday experience ever and GET UP THAT MOUNTAIN.

They divided their roles. One was in the kitchen cooking; making delicious food at a rate of knots and with a furious attention to detail. Two was out hosting and making guests feel at home, greeting them for breakfast and then while they obliterated their delicious breakfast cooked by One, Two would sneak into the rooms and whip round them like some sort of Tidying Tasmanian devil.

Sometimes they would be out of an IMMACULATE chalet, prepped and ready for evening service while the guests were still fiddling with their ski boots.

If it was white out or a transfer day, they got ahead and prepped. It was that simple; they knew what they wanted, and they worked hard for each other so they could have the best season.


For anyone who wants to get involved in such a mega team for a summer season, our guys at Camp Winadu are the place to look.

Among many roles they are specifically looking for Sailing instructors. So, if you are a sailing instructor and want the chance to work in Massachusetts with accommodation, a US work visa, travel and a monthly pay packet of $1600 then get in touch with us or email directly. This is an excellent opportunity to sure up Summer 21, and possibly visit and work in a country you haven’t traditionally be able to before.


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