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Seasonaire Mental Health

Now I’m not going to pretend to be an expert here. But I’ve been through some pretty dark times and I’ve been witness to many struggles, as a manager, colleague and friend. I’m not here to bum anyone out or lower the tone; but to spread some awareness and maybe some good advice for the estimated 7000 British seasonaires struggling with mental health and for their friends and families.


Working in Croatia Post Brexit

The process for getting work in Croatia seems simple enough. It works similarly to France and Greece, but not exactly the same.
It works on a quota system, applicants will get a work permit only if the country is below its quota — even if the individual fulfills all the criteria. Occasionally, the country offers permits to applicants even after reaching the limit.


Mountain Safety

Every single year people die in the mountains and although it doesn’t bare thinking about, we should talk about it.

When we think of mountain fatalities we tend to think straight to Avalanches, more on that later.

The number of people that freeze to death on a night out every year, is baffling and upsetting, last year in Meribel a you guy walked from Les Allues with an end destination of Brides le Bain and never made it.



Let’s Talk About Brexit

This is a huge subject and has been a gnarly one to get our teeth into – what with the superficial google search saying ‘don’t go abroad: mysterious, killer, airborne disease.

Obviously Covid-19 is serious and is killing people, destroying businesses, has obliterated Summer 20 and Winter 20/21 but what next. Here are some thoughts and research we have done at GSN.

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Team Work Makes the Dream Work


Have you ever been part of a team that just gets it done? That restaurant team that can close down in record time; the Nanny Team that you know if you work with them you will have the most fun and the happiest children, equaling mega scores and tips.

If you have been in a team like this; any job, any department, then let us know and we will tell your story.

I knew such a team – it was a chalet team for the ages. We shall call them One and Two


Working Visas in Greece

Each week we will talk about a different European country and the conditions to work there. This week jumping into the land of Gyros, Honey and Alpha: Greece.


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