Let’s Talk About Brexit

This is a huge subject and has been a gnarly one to get our teeth into – what with the superficial google search saying ‘don’t go abroad: mysterious, killer, airborne disease.

Obviously Covid-19 is serious and is killing people, destroying businesses, has obliterated Summer 20 and Winter 20/21 but what next. Here are some thoughts and research we have done at GSN.

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Working for UK companies.

Supply and demand.
Europeans have always been eligible to work for large tour operators, yet the big Tour Ops aren’t teaming with locals or even fully made up with people from the county the large UK tour ops are operating in.
If you empty a bucket you can do it in a flash, but refilling said bucket takes time.
Jobs could be directly cut but that would leave large corporation that pay lots of money in taxes and bring huge numbers of tourists into Europe, to struggle and collapse. So the chance of all UK workers no longer being able to work for their favorite tour operators is low. It would be. A disaster.

Speaking of favorite Tour operators Neilson are recruiting as we speak so if that doesn’t warm your soul then what will?

Working Visas in Europe

Each week we will talk about a different European country and the conditions, as it stands; to work there. This week hopping across the channel into France.

If you are employed by a company, tour operator, windsurf centre, private chalet. This is fine!! You will need to apply here:


Your visa will cost £90 and your employer will have obtain permission for you to work which is a form along with relevant qualifications they will send too DIRECCTE who will verify, then forward your Visa directly to the embassy. Provided no hiccups this should be straightforward and the application process can be tracked like your most recent surfdome order.

At this point unless there are high levels of unemployment in France then it should be plain sailing.

If you don’t have a job you can also apply for a visa to head to France for over 90 days and although it is less simple as, long as you can prove you are educated and have sufficient means too look after yourself and adequate health Insurance, then you can also head over. (For ski bums amongst you)

Will it get better/Easier? 

The UK has said it hopes to negotiate a youth mobility scheme with the EU or individual countries. These could be similar to schemes which help young people who want temporary work in countries such as New Zealand and Japan.

Wild speculation.

Brexit for the seasonal worker is a monumental bloody bump in the road, but there are positives to be taken from it.

By making it harder to work in Europe it opens up the scope for working Further a field – be it work in Japan, Australia or America.

For instance this summer, Camp Winadu are looking for a whole host of people to come out and work at their centre in Massachusetts.

Where not only will they sort out your visas to live and work in America they will give you all the training you need to work in your chosen job. So if you’ve done a couple of seasons and love wakeboarding but haven’t had the time or money to learn to drive a ski boat or learn the process of getting someone from bar to rope these are your guys. For more info:


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